This year the Poldis could again go to a fabulous language trip to Eastbourne. Our week was characterized by sunshine, wind and some sprinkles of rain and lovely English all around. The beautiful seaside town Eastbourne was home for one week where the students completely immersed into the English language, refined their communication skills while talking to their host families, organised their way to school and conduct interviews with complete strangers.

The excursions to the capital city of London impressed many students seeing the four storey underground stations, the architecture and vastness of the metropole with their own eyes for the first time. The trips to the Seven Sisters and Beachy Head characterized by their beautiful chalk cliffs were another highlight for our students for sure! Another thing that seems to be of lasting impression were the numerous roundabouts as this theme found its way into the songs sung on the way home!

England you’ve been a blast, thanks for having us! See you again next year!

“England will remain unforgettable!” Lucy

“I loved the London days so much. We saw a lot of new things. I liked every excursion and it was the best time of my life!” Hannah

“I would like to thank the teachers and our parents for making this unique trip possible for us!” Nora

“I had a lot of fun in England and the trip improved my English! Our host family was very nice and friendly.” Magdalena

“My favourite trip was London, because it was special to see very high buildings and many people from different cultures. At school we had some cool teachers.” Livia

“My favourite trips were the ones to Seven Sisters and Beachy Head because the views were amazing.” Anna-Marie


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